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This is Shadow our British Longhair boy

Roll of Honour - Our titled Ladies and Gentlemen


We are very proud of our cats’ success on the showbench over the years, and strive to breed Birmans as close as possible to the GCCF standard of points with the lovely blue eye colour.

For those not familiar with the show scene, a Champion is an entire cat and a Premier is a neutered cat.  Grand Champion or Premier is a cat who has been awarded 3 Grand Challenge/Premier certificates by 3 different judges against other Birmans, Ragdolls and Ragamuffins.

Imperial Grand Champion or Premier is a Grand Champion/Premier who has been awarded 5 Imperial Certificates against all breeds in the Semi-Longhair section.  UK Grand Champion/Premier is an Imperial Grand Champion/Premier who has won 2 UK Certificates at the Supreme Show, which takes place annually at the NEC, Birmingham, sometimes referred to as Crufts for Cats!

The following are our little furry Supermodels:-

UK Imperial Grand Champion and UK Imperial Grand Premier Arezza My Fairlady, lilac tabby point, pet name Emily

Imperial Grand Premier Arezza Maravilloso, chocolate point, pet name Monty or Gom (nickname that stuck)

Champion and Grand Premier Arezza Prettyinpink, lilac tabby point, pet name Lily

Premier Arezza Stardust, lilac point, pet name Sam

Premier Arezza Eldorado, blue tabby point, pet name Fergie

Champion Arezza Alpine Rose, blue point, pet name Rosie

Grand Premier Arezza Innuendo, blue tabby point, pet name Milo, (owned by Zara and Alan Musk)

Champion and Grand Premier Arezza Truly Scrumptious, seal point, pet name Darcey (owed by Liz and Trudy Scott of Truliz Birmans

Premier Arezza Spiritof Spring, seal tabby point, pet name Nala, owned by Alison McFadyen

Champion Arezza Indiana Jones, seal point, pet name Indy

Ch. Arezza Maid Inheaven - seal point, pet name Jemima owned by Sally Hobdell

Ch. & Pr. Adwello Annie's Song pet name Annie, our first home bred titled Birman

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