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Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope you find it informative and that you enjoy the pictures of our cats and kittens.

My name is Tracy and I have been showing and breeding the beautiful Birman cat for 24 years. I’d always wanted a Colourpoint cat since caring for a Siamese in my teens, and we bought our first Birman, a seal point named Jori, in 1995.

We occasionally have litters available from our well-bred girls and carefully selected studs from trusted breeder friends. I am a member and Committee member of the Birman Cat Club UK.

Our kittens are born in our home, and carefully introduced to our other animals including 2 dogs, and all the household noises they will encounter in their new homes.

They are fully vaccinated, registered with the GCCF, insured for 4 weeks, wormed as recommended by our Vet and fed on premium quality kitten foods.  

We look for safe, permanent homes for our kittens. You will not be considered for a kitten if you are planning to let the kitten/cat roam freely.  There are just too many hazards to free roaming cats, road traffic accidents are the cause of many deaths, pet theft is increasing and deliberate harm to animals by cruel individuals is happening regularly. Birmans can live happily as indoor cats, but they need fresh air, so a cat-proof garden, catio, meshed screen over a window or a harness and lead are all options you could look at to give your Birman a safe, happy life.  

We encourage our new owners to show our kittens if they are suitable, and our prices for pet or show neuter are the same.

We will only consider you for a breeding female in exceptional circumstances.  Kittens are wonderful, but are very demanding, expensive to rear properly, and you will be well out of pocket should your queen require a caesarean section, or mum and babies are unwell.

Arezza Birmans are based on the outskirts of Norwich, Norfolk.

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